CGI Exteriors

3D Computer Generated Imagery

What is CGI?

Computer Generated Imagery is any type of digital artwork created by computer software. It is widely used by many industries. Builders and Estate Agents use them to sell properties off-plan before they are built. We can supply product design and visualise it with studio style photography, interior design, exteriors, showrooms, exhibitions, the list is endless. If you can think of it, we can visualise it.

Drone video compositing

Below is a drone video we have composited our CGI homes onto. Hidden underneath this video footage is an early stage building site.
You can view the CGI and the original video below to compare.

Architectural visualisation - ARCHVIZ

We provide architectural images of residential, commercial and civil engineering projects for sales and planning applications.


Using the same graphics engine that is used in the video games industry we can create videos of full site flyovers and make an impact on your property development marketing while keeping it within-budget. We can create walk-throughs, live, in real-time with your clients via an online meeting or export a video to show on your website. We're flexible and you can choose what works best for you.